In 1927, fifteen years after the creation of the Girl Scouts, Commissioner of the Roswell troops, Miss Mary White, led vigorous efforts to ensure the availability of quality camping experiences, and, in support of her endeavors, her father donated 200 acres in the Sacramento Mountains for use as a Girl Scout camp.

The camp quickly grew to include 34 cabins, outbuildings, and, at the heart of the camp, Ingham Hall, the stately pine lodge built in 1928 for $2,000.

Three sides of the camp are bordered by the Lincoln National Forest; the fourth is bordered by Muleshoe Ranch, the White Family home owned by Jack and Sally Marsh.

For 80 years, Camp Mary White was held by local Girl Scout councils, enjoying tremendous popularity. In the late 1920s it served as one of two national training centers for Girl Scouts. In recent years, the camp fell into disrepair while owned by Zia Council, Girl Scouts.

Miss Mary's gift of the camp began a tradition of service to the outdoors and to honoring friendships built in that service. Inspired by their personal memories and experiences of Camp Mary White, over 150 alumni have joined together in support of this vibrant legacy. Now, formally represented by Friends of Camp Mary White, Inc., this 501(c)3 non-profit formed in 2003 to encourage and facilitate the revitalization of Camp Mary White. FCMW embraces a vision of Camp Mary White as more than mere property, and reaffirms the wisdome of women who saw a need, built this wonderful place, then lovingly passed it to the generations of girls and women who graced the canyons of CMW.

FCMW works to ensure sound research and planning for sustainable renovations in keeping with the pioneer spirit and heritage of the camp. Areas of service expertise include consultation and operational services related to the facilities and environment, promotional and public relations, programming, alumni and membership communications, fundraising, and preservation of the camp's history, archives, and traditions.

Interested parties outside the alumni family are welcomed in this endeavor.